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Our CAVA offers rare and vintage spirits to satisfy even the most discerning high-end liquor aficionados.

The CAVA Experience

We wanted our Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia CAVA to offer in itself a unique buying experience, and match the uniqueness of our lounge. By stepping into the CAVA, you will feel as if you are in a space that transcends time itself, surrounded by some of mankind’s greatest achievements in the field of spirits.

We have been very selective with items we offer through our CAVA. The result is, we feel, impressive. We have a small but exciting variety of whisky, rum, vodka, wine, brandy, tequila, champagne, cognac and much more. Many are classed as limited, rare or vintage. Some of our retail items have been sourced from auctions, perhaps some of the last bottles available on the commercial market, worldwide. We certainly have items that are unique to Cyprus, for example some great examples of Châteauneuf-du-Pape red wine, from great vintages of the last 20 years – and we can source more!

In entering our CAVA, you will immediately come across a barrel sitting peacefully in the room. Inside is a blend of Anama, a commandaria-style wine, created especially for Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia, and which is ageing slowly and elegantly. This limited edition blend, with unsurpassed balance, tension and complexity will elevate all your senses. You can live the experience tasting this nectar directly from our barrel by simply asking our staff, and you can even join us in pouring it into your glass. We have also bottled a limited number of the Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia Anama, available to buy from the CAVA.

Whether it is a purchase for you own enjoyment or for giving a special or unique gift, in creating our offering, we have taken into account all budgets. Nevertheless, we warmly welcome our customers to enter our CAVA experience, look around freely and effortlessly enjoy the unique history surrounding them!